Paramore cancel Jakarta concert after lead vocalist falls ill

19 de fevereiro de 2018
Singer Hayley Williams of the band Paramore during a performance at Rock for People festival in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, July 3, 2011. (AFP/Hradec Kralove)

American rock band Paramore have announced they must postpone tonight’s show in Jakarta. The decision was made after lead vocalist Hayley Williams came down with a throat and upper-respiratory infection. Hayley wrote a personal message on Facebook to her fans regarding the cancellation of the show.

“… It’s a pretty nasty sickness but if I would’ve been able to get my voice to come through for me, the guys and I would’ve done the show tonight anyway.

Unfortunately, my throat hasn’t loosened up and the rest of my symptoms have only gotten worse.

After getting an official diagnosis from a doctor here in Jakarta, our team decided that it would be the right thing to postpone the show tonight in Jakarta as well as the next show in Manila later this year. We’ll return to Manila on August 23rd and are hard at work with the promoters to secure a date for our return to Indonesia. Please hold on to your tickets if you already have them…” wrote Hayley.

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Paramore have also decided to delay their show in Manila, in order to reduce the amount of travel they have to do within the next few days of the tour. Hayley explained further in her note that traveling by plane made it harder for her to heal because of the dry, recycled air and the extreme altitude.

Now under the care of a doctor and resting, Hayley and the band are looking forward to performing in Indonesia and the Philippines as soon as she recovers. “Please hang on ‘til August,” she said.

To lighten the mood and keep the hype up, here is a playlist made by Spotify, “This Is: Paramore”:

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